The 14th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW2005)


Usage Analysis Wide-area Architectures and Protocols Data Extraction Semantic Querying Web Services Web Application Design Semantic Web Applications Indexing and Querying
XML Query and Programming Languages Web-based Educational Applications Text Analysis and Extraction Web Engineering with Semantic Annotation User-focused Search and Crawling Trustworthy Web Sites Semantic Search Security Through the Eyes of Users Measurements and Analysis
Service Selection and Metadata Link-based Ranking Improving the Browsing Experience Semantic Web Foundations Link-based Similarity XML Parsing and Stylesheets Schemas and Semantics Architecture and Implementation of Web Sites  

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Keynote Talk

WWW at 15 Years: Looking Forward (Page 1)
T. Berners-Lee, (Massachusetts Institute of Technology CSAIL)

Session: Usage Analysis   Return to Top
Chair: B. Liu

Semantic Similarity Between Search Engine Queries Using Temporal Correlation (Page 2)
S. Chien, (Microsoft Research)
N. Immorlica, (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Duplicate Detection in Click Streams (Page 12)
A. Metwally, D. Agrawal, A. El Abbadi, (University of California at Santa Barbara)

Improving Recommendation Lists Through Topic Diversification (Page 22)
C.-N. Ziegler, (Universität Freiburg)
S. M. McNee, J. A. Konstan, (University of Minnesota)
G. Lausen, (Universität Freiburg)

Session: Wide-area Architectures and Protocols   Return to Top
Chair: M. Rabinovich

GlobeDB: Autonomic Data Replication for Web Applications (Page 33)
S. Sivasubramanian, (Vrije Universiteit)
G. Alonso, (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETHZ))
G. Pierre, M. van Steen, (Vrije Universiteit)

Hierarchical Substring Caching for Efficient Content Distribution to Low-Bandwidth Clients (Page 43)
U. Irmak, T. Suel, (Polytechnic University)

Executing Incoherency Bounded Continuous Queries at Web Data Aggregators (Page 54)
R. Gupta, (IBM India Research Laboratory)
A. Puri, K. Ramamritham, (Indian Institute of Technology)

Session: Data Extraction   Return to Top
Chair: S. Morishita

Fully Automatic Wrapper Generation for Search Engines (Page 66)
H. Zhao, W. Meng, (SUNY at Binghamton)
Z. Wu, V. Raghavan, (University of Louisiana at Lafayette)
C. Yu, (University of Illinois at Chicago)

Web Data Extraction Based on Partial Tree Alignment (Page 76)
Y. Zhai, B. Liu, (University of Illinois at Chicago)

Thresher: Automating the Unwrapping of Semantic Content from the World Wide Web (Page 86)
A. Hogue, (Google Inc., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, CSAIL)
D. Karger, (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, CSAIL)

Keynote Talk

The Case for Technology for Developing Regions (Page 96)
E. A. Brewer, (University of California at Berkeley)

Session: Semantic Querying   Return to Top
Chair: A. Tomkins

Ranking a Stream of News (Page 97)
G. M. Del Corso, A. Gullí, F. Romani, (University of Pisa)

Algorithmic Detection of Semantic Similarity (Page 107)
A. G. Maguitman, F. Menczer, H. Roinestad, A. Vespignani, (Indiana University)

SemRank: Ranking Complex Relationship Search Results on the Semantic Web (Page 117)
K. Anyanwu, A. Maduko, A. Sheth, (University of Georgia)

Session: Web Services   Return to Top
Chair: A. Sahuguet

A Service Creation Environment Based on End to End Composition of Web Services (Page 128)
V. Agarwal, K. Dasgupta, N. Karnik, A. Kumar, A. Kundu, S. Mittal, B. Srivastava, (IBM India Research Laboratory)

Ensuring Required Failure Atomicity of Composite Web Services (Page 138)
S. Bhiri, O. Perrin, C. Godart, (LORIA-INRIA)

Web Service Interfaces (Page 148)
D. Beyer, (EPFL)
A. Chakrabarti, (University of California at Berkeley)
T. A. Henzinger, (EPFL, University of California at Berkeley)

Session: Web Application Design   Return to Top
Chair: G.-J. Houben

Building Adaptable and Reusable XML Applications with Model Transformations (Page 160)
I. Kurtev, K. van den Berg, (University of Twente)

Exception Handling in Workflow-Driven Web Applications (Page 170)
M. Brambilla, S. Ceri, S. Comai, C. Tziviskou, (Politecnico di Milano)

AwareDAV: A Genericv WebDAV Notification Framework and Implementation (Page 180)
H. Q. Jehøj, N. O. Bouvin, K. Grønbæk, (University of Aarhus)

Session: Semantic Web   Return to Top
Chair: J. Hendler

Learning Domain Ontologies for Web Service Descriptions: an Experiment in Bioinformatics (Page 190)
M. Sabou, (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
C. Wroe, C. Goble, (University of Manchester)
G. Mishne, (University of Amsterdam)

Making RDF Presentable: Integrated Global and Local Semantic Web Browsing (Page 199)
L. Rutledge, J. van Ossenbruggen, (CWI)
L. Hardman, (CWI, Technical University of Eindhoven)

Session: Applications   Return to Top
Chair: J. Trevor

Shared Lexicon for Distributed Annotations on the Web (Page 207)
P. Avesani, M. Cova, (ITC-irst)

Using XForms to Simplify Web Programming (Page 215)
R. Cardone, D. Soroker, A. Tiwari, (IBM Watson Research Center)

Web-Assisted Annotation, Semantic Indexing and Search of Television and Radio News (Page 225)
M. Dowman, V. Tablan, H. Cunningham, (University of Sheffield)
B. Popov, (Sirma Al EAD)

Session: Indexing and Querying   Return to Top
Chair: F. McSherry

Improving Web Search Efficiency via a Locality Based Static Pruning Method (Page 235)
E. S. de Moura, C. F. dos Santos, D. R. Fernandes, A. S. Silva, (Federal University of Amazonas)
P. Calado, (INESC-ID)
M. A. Nascimento, (University of Alberta)

Sampling Search-Engine Results (Page 245)
A. Anagnostopoulos, (Brown University)
A. Z. Broder, (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center)
D. Carmel, (IBM Haifa Research Lab)

Three-Level Caching for Efficient Query Processing in Large Web Search Engines (Page 257)
X. Long, T. Suel, (Polytechnic University)

Keynote Talk

Innovation for a Human-Centered Network —NTT's R&D Activities for Achieving the NTT Group's Medium-Term Management Strategy— (Page 267)
Y. Inoue, (NTT)

Session: XML Query and Programming Languages   Return to Top
Chair: J. Webber

Sub-Document Queries Over XML with XSQuirrel (Page 268)
A. Sahuguet, (Bell Labs Research)
B. Alexe, (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécoms)

XJ: Facilitating XML Processing in JavaTM (Page 278)
M. Harren, (University of California at Berkeley)
M. Raghavachari, (IBM Research)
O. Shmueli, (Technion)
M. G. Burke, R. Bordawekar, I. Pechtchanski, V. Sarkar, (IBM Research)

Xquery Containment in Presence of Variable Binding Dependencies (Page 288)
L. Chen, (San Diego Supercomputer Center)
E. A. Rundensteiner, (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)

Session: Web-based Educational Applications   Return to Top
Chair: L. Aroyo

eBag - A Ubiquitous Web Infrastructure for Nomadic Learning (Page 298)
C. Brodersen, B. G. Christensen, K. Grøbæ, C. Dindler, B. Sundararajah, (University of Aarhus)

Online Curriculum on the Semantic Web: The CSD-UoC Portal for Peer-to-Peer E-learning (Page 307)
D. Kotzinos, S. Pediaditaki, A. Apostolidis, (University of Crete)
N. Athanasis, V. Christophides, (University of Crete, Institute of Computer Science)

The Classroom Sentinel: Supporting Data-Driven Decision-Making in the Classroom (Page 315)
M. K. Singley, R. B. Lam, (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center)

Session: Text Analysis and Extraction   Return to Top
Chair: F. Menczer

Topic Segmentation of Message Hierarchies for Indexing and Navigation Support (Page 322)
J. W. Kim, K. S. Candan, M. E. Dönderler, (Arizona State University)

Gimme' The Context: Context-driven Automatic Semantic Annotation with C-PANKOW (Page 332)
P. Cimiano, G. Ladwig, (University of Karlsruhe)
S. Staab, (Ontoprise GmbH, University of Koblenz-Landau)

Opinion Observer: Analyzing and Comparing Opinions on the Web (Page 342)
B. Liu, M. Hu, J. Cheng, (University of Illinois at Chicago)

Keynote Talk

Towards Usable Web Privacy and Security (Page 352)
L. F. Cranor, (Carnegie Mellon University)

Session: Web Engineering with Semantic Annotation   Return to Top
Chair: P. Fraternali

Accessibility: A Web Engineering Approach (Page 353)
P. Plessers, S. Casteleyn, (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
Y. Yesilada, (The University of Manchester)
O. De Troyer, (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
R. Stevens, S. Harper, C. Goble, (The University of Manchester)

A Multilingual Usage Consultation Tool Based on Internet Searching More than a Search Engine, Less than QA (Page 363)
K. Tanaka-Ishii, H. Nakagawa, (University of Tokyo)

Improving Portlet Interoperability Through Deep Annotation (Page 372)
O. Díaz, J. Iturrioz, A. Irastorza, (University of the Basque Country)

Session: User-focused Search and Crawling   Return to Top
Chair: B. Davison

CubeSVD: A Novel Approach to Personalized Web Search (Page 382)
J.-T. Sun, (TsingHua University)
H.-J. Zeng, (Microsoft Research Asia)
H. Liu, (Arizona State University)
Y. Lu, (TsingHua University)
Z. Chen, (Microsoft Research Asia)

Automatic Identification of User Goals in Web Search (Page 391)
U. Lee, Z. Liu, J. Cho, (University of California at Los Angeles)

User-Centric Web Crawling (Page 401)
S. Pandey, C. Olston, (Carnegie Mellon University)

Session: Trustworthy Web Sites   Return to Top
Chair: M. Manasse

An Abuse-Free Fair Contract Signing Protocol Based on the RSA Signature (Page 412)
G. Wang, (Institute for Infocomm Research)

TrustGuard: Countering Vulnerabilities in Reputation Management for Decentralized Overlay Networks (Page 422)
M. Srivatsa, L. Xiong, L. Liu, (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Static Approximation of Dynamically Generated Web Pages (Page 432)
Y. Minamide, (University of Tsukuba)

Session: Semantic Search   Return to Top
Chair: J. Cho

A Search Engine for Natural Language Applications (Page 442)
M. J. Cafarella, O. Etzioni, (University of Washington)

An Enhanced Model for Searching in Semantic Portals (Page 453)
L. Zhang, Y. Yu, J. Zhou, CX. Lin, (Shanghai JiaoTong University)
Y. Yang, (HongKong University of Science and Technology)

Disambiguating Web Appearances of People in a Social Network (Page 463)
R. Bekkerman, A. McCallum, (University of Massachusetts)

Session: Security Through the Eyes of Users   Return to Top
Chair: M. Manasse

A Convenient Method for Securely Managing Passwords (Page 471)
J. A. Halderman, (Princeton University)
B. Waters, (Stanford University)
E. W. Felten, (Princeton University)

Improving Understanding of Website Privacy Policies with Fine-Grained Policy Anchors (Page 480)
S. E. Levy, (Watson Research Center, IBM)
C. Gutwin, (University of Saskatchewan)

Hardening Web Browsers Against Man-in-the-Middle and Eavesdropping Attacks (Page 489)
H. Xia, J. C. Brustoloni, (University of Pittsburgh)

Session: Measurements and Analysis   Return to Top
Chair: P. Shenoy

ATMEN: A Triggered Network Measurement Infrastructure (Page 499)
B. Krishnamurthy, (AT&T Labs-Research)
H. V. Madhyastha, (University of Washington)
O. Spatscheck, (AT&T Labs-Research)

On the Lack of Typical Behavior in the Global Web Traffic Network (Page 510)
M. Meiss, F. Menczer, A. Vespignani, (Indiana University)

Analysis of Multimedia Workloads with Implications for Internet Streaming (Page 519)
L. Guo, (College of William and Mary)
S. Chen, (George Mason University)
Z. Xiao, (AT&T Labs-Research)
X. Zhang, (College of William and Mary)

Keynote Talk

Real and the Future of Digital Media (Page 529)
R. Glaser, (RealNetworks, Inc.)

Session: Service Selection and Metadata   Return to Top
Chair: P. Cimiano

On Optimal Service Selection (Page 530)
P. A. Bonatti, P. Festa, (Università di Napoli FEDERICO II)

G-ToPSS: Fast Filtering of Graph-based Metadata (Page 539)
M. Petrovic, H. Liu, H.-A. Jacobsen, (University of Toronto)

Automating Metadata Generation: the Simple Indexing Interface (Page 548)
HTML Version HTML Version
K. Cardinaels, M. Meire, E. Duval, (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven)

Session: Link-based Ranking   Return to Top
Chair: T. Suel

PageRank as a Function of the Damping Factor (Page 557)
P. Boldi, M. Santini, S. Vigna, (Università degli Studi di Milano)

Object-Level Ranking: Bringing Order to Web Objects (Page 567)
Z. Nie, (Microsoft Research Asia)
Y. Zhang, (Peking University)
J.-R. Wen, W.-Y. Ma, (Microsoft Research Asia)

A Uniform Approach to Accelerated PageRank Computation (Page 575)
F. McSherry, (Microsoft Research)

Session: Improving the Browsing Experience   Return to Top
Chair: Y. Maarek

Information Search and Re-access Strategies of Experienced Web Users (Page 583)
A. Aula, N. Jhaveri, M. Käki, (University of Tampere)

Browsing Fatigue in Handhelds: Semantic Bookmarking Spells Relief (Page 593)
S. Mukherjee, I. V. Ramakrishnan, (Stony Brook University)

WebPod: Persistent Web Browsing Sessions with Pocketable Storage Devices (Page 603)
S. Potter, J. Nieh, (Columbia University)

Session: Semantic Web Foundations   Return to Top
Chair: S. Staab

Named Graphs, Provenance and Trust (Page 613)
J. J. Carroll, (Hewlett-Packard Labs)
C. Bizer, (Freie Universität Berlin)
P. Hayes, (IHMC)
P. Stickler, (Nokia)

OWL DL vs. OWL Flight: Conceptual Modeling and Reasoning for the Semantic Web (Page 623)
J. de Bruijn, A. Polleres, (University of Innsbruck)
R. Lara, (Tecnología, Información y Finanzas)
D. Fensel, (University of Innsbruck)

Debugging OWL Ontologies (Page 633)
B. Parsia, E. Sirin, A. Kalyanpur, (University of Maryland)

Session: Link-based Similarity   Return to Top
Chair: M. Najork

Scaling Link-Based Similarity Search (Page 641)
D. Fogaras, (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
B. R´cz, (Computer and Automation Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences)

LSH Forest: Self-Tuning Indexes for Similarity Search (Page 651)
M. Bawa, (Stanford University)
T. Condie, (University of California at Berkeley)
P. Ganesan, (Stanford University)

Partitioning of Web Graphs by Community Topology (Page 661)
H. Ino, M. Kudo, A. Nakamura (Hokkaido University)

Session: XML Parsing and Stylesheets   Return to Top
Chair: M. Makoto

Incremental Maintenance for Materialized Xpath/XSLT Views (Page 671)
M. Onizuka, (NTT Corporation)
F. Y. Chan, (Simon Fraser University)
R. Michigami, (Plala Networks Inc.)
T. Honishi, (NTT Corporation)

Compiling XSLT 2.0 into XQuery 1.0 (Page 682)
A. Fokoue, K. Rose, J. Siméon, L. Villard, (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center)

An Adaptive, Fast, and Safe XML Parser Based on Byte Sequences Memorization (Page 692)
T. Takase, H. Miyashita, T. Suzumura, M. Tatsubori, (IBM Tokyo Research Laboratory)

Session: Schemas and Semantics   Return to Top
Chair: W. Nejdl

CaTTS: Calendar Types and Constraints for Web Applications (Page 702)
F. Bry, F.-A. Rieß, S. Spranger, (University of Munich)

Expressiveness of XSDs: from Practice to Theory, There and Back Again (Page 712)
G. J. Bex, W. Martens, F. Neven, (Limburgs Universitair Centrum)
T. Schwentick, (Philipps Universität Marburg)

WEESA - Web Engineering for Semantic Web Applications (Page 722)
G. Reif, (Vienna University of Technology)
H. Gall, (University Zurich)
M. Jazayeri, (Vienna University of Technology)

Session: Architecture and Implementation of Web Sites   Return to Top
Chair: F. Douglis

A Multi-Threaded PIPELINED Web Server Architecture for SMP/SoC Machines (Page 730)
G. S. Choi, J.-H. Kim, D. Ersoz, C. R. Das, (Pennsylvania State University)

Cataclysm: Policing Extreme Overloads in Internet Applications (Page 740)
B. Urgaonkar, P. Shenoy, (University of Massachusetts)

Design for Verification for Asynchronously Communicating Web Services (Page 750)
A. Betin-Can, T. Bultan, (University of California at Santa Barbara)
X. Fu, (Georgia Southwestern State University)

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