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Performance and Reliability


Performance and reliability are ongoing issues as the Web continues to grow in its diversity of applications. This area seeks papers related to Web performance, reliability, and scalability for both traditional Web content and newer applications. Generally, papers related to performance and scalability issues for the Web should be sent to the performance/reliability track, while those focusing on application issues for the Web should be send to the Applications track.

The relevant topics include, but are not restricted to, the following:

  • Availability, fault tolerance, and reliability
  • Caching and replication
  • Content-aware routing
  • Content distribution
  • Edge services
  • Load balancing and resource allocation
  • Overlay networks
  • Protocol compliance and robustness
  • Quality of service and service level agreements
  • Scalability
  • Server and proxy performance
  • Traffic characterization and capacity planning
  • Web Performance Modeling

Vice/Deputy Chairs and PC Members

Vice Chair: Prashant Shenoy (University of Massachusetts)
Deputy Chair: Michael Rabinovich (AT&T Labs - Research)
PC Members:

  • Martin Arlitt (HP Labs)
  • Azer Bestavros (Boston University)
  • Lucy Cherkasova (HP Labs)
  • Michele Colajanni (University of Modena)
  • Mike Dahlin (University of Texas)
  • Markus Hoffman (Lucent Bell Labs)
  • Bruce Maggs (Carnegie Mellon Univ)
  • Thomas Plageman (University of Oslo)
  • Krithi Ramamritham (Indian Inst. Of Technology Bombay)
  • Pablo Rodriguez (Microsoft Research)
  • Daniela Rosu (IBM Research)
  • Anees Shaikh (IBM Research)
  • Shubho Sen (AT&T Labs Research)
  • Xueyan Tang (Nanyang Technological University)
  • Carey Williamson (University of Calgary)
  • Arun Venkataramani (University of Washington)
  • Michael Zink (University of Massachusetts)