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WWW2005 Developers' Day

This years program will offer delegates a keynote followed by the traditional multiple track format (probably 4 parallel tracks) which delegates can move between during the day or the option to attend either of two small full day group sessions on two specialised topics.


Makoto Murata
Makoto Murata, International University of Japan.
One project, four schema languages; medley or melee?

Makoto Murata is a co-editor of the RELAX NG specifications of OASIS, the editor of its predecessor, RELAX Core of ISO/IEC, and the editor of ISO/IEC DSDL Part 4. He has been promoting hedge or tree automata as formal models for schemas since 1994. He was a member of the original XML WG, co-editor of media-type RFCs for XML, and the editor of the Japanese XML Profile.

Developers' Day track topics will include:

  • Successful applications of the Semantic Web
  • New approaches to User Interfaces and interactions for Web
  • Implemented Semantic Web Services
  • New developments in markup and content

as well as late breaking "hot topics" in Web Architecture and Web application design.

Optional full day small group sessions:

TD01 Web Bloopers - Avoiding Common Web Design Mistakes Jeff Johnson 101
TD02 Current Best Practices in Web Development and Design (with WOW Web Professional Certification Exam Option) 301A

TD01: Web Bloopers: Avoiding Common Web Design Mistakes

Jeff Johnson, UI Wizards, Inc.

Room: 101
Time: 10:30 — 17:00

This tutorial is based on the presenter's new book: Web Bloopers: 60 Common Web Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them (Morgan Kaufmann, 2003). The book explains how to avoid common Web design errors, illustrated with examples from actual websites. The tutorial, like the book, organizes bloopers into categories: Content, Task-Support, Navigation, Form, Search, Text & Writing, Link Presentation, and Graphic and Layout. It includes class exercises in which participants review actual websites looking for bloopers and discuss how to improve them. The tutorial is intended for Web designers and developers, mainly those who lack several years of experience designing and evaluating websites and Web applications. Others who might benefit from this tutorial are web Q/A engineers, usability testers, and web development managers. After completing this full-day tutorial, participants will:

  • Have seen the most common Web design errors and ways to avoid them;
  • Be able to recognize those errors in websites and Web applications;
  • Be better designers and customers of websites and online services.

TD02: Current Best Practices in Web Development and Design

(with WOW Web Professional Certification Exam Option)

Room: 301A
Time: 10:30 — 17:00

The advancement of Web-based technologies is exciting, yet how do designers and developers working day to day adopt contemporary practices into existing workflow? This session's goal is to focus on the hot topics in Web design and development as they pertain to the practical application of progressive web technologies. An emphasis on semantic markup, CSS, accessibility, as well as a concern for esthetic choices for screen, alternative devices, and even print will be discussed.

Key Objectives: During these sessions you will:

  • Hone in on workflow problems in the industry, and learn about new models that can aid in improving your workflow.
  • Learn contemporary design & development technologies and how they can serve you.
  • Learn about Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and how they are so critical not just for designers, but for web developers and site managers, too.
  • Gain insight into current tools, including web browsers, and how to work with them more effectively.
  • Understand the benefits of Web standards and best practices, and learn how technical and ROI performance improves with their implementation.

Participants will have the option to take one of two WOW certification exams at the end of the session, the Certified Professional Webmaster (CPW), or the Certified Professional Web Designer (CPWD) exam. For further information about WOW's full day event, WOW's certification exams, more about the WOW organization and additional certification resources and objectives visit: